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Your Home Learning!

Here is some of the fabulous work and amazing activities you have been completing at home!
Picture 1 Seth has made his own clock to tell the time!
Picture 1 Grace has invented a fabulous 'Rabbit Bush'.
Picture 1 Seth's super swing!
Picture 2 A magnificent trophy created by Seth.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Mason and Theo getting creative with colour!
Picture 4 Mason keeping fit with his dog!
Picture 1 Seth's fabulous home made toy!
Picture 1 Juno's fantastic poster!
Picture 2 Juno's detailed labelling of a plant
Picture 3 A wonderful Lighthouse Poem by Juno
Picture 4 Juno completed a 300 piece jigsaw!
Picture 1
Picture 2 Leo's super story and illustration!
Picture 1 A beautiful diagram of a sunflower by Tom P
Picture 1 Can you read the time on Barney’s clock?
Picture 1 Can you solve Charlie’s riddle?
Picture 1 Can you solve Juno’s riddle?
Picture 1 Fantastic ‘Hello Kitty’ cartoons by Juno
Picture 1 Oliver, Zoe and Olivia have been getting creative!
Picture 2
Picture 3 A beautiful card made by Olivia
Picture 1 A beautiful butterfly by Rose
Picture 2 Amazing life cycle of a Bee by Rose
Picture 1 Super work about ‘The Angry Cat’ by Charles

Fantastic Fractions! Well done Amanda.

Still image for this video
Picture 1 A fantastic story by Billie
Picture 1 Can you guess George's animal?
Picture 1 A super, detailed life cycle explanation by Amanda
Picture 2 Eddie enjoying a bike ride!
Picture 3 An amazing Sonic. Well done Eddie!
Picture 4 A tricky riddle by Florence.
Picture 5 Fantastic life cycle wheel by Arthur.
Picture 1 Darcey’s awesome acrostic whale poem!
Picture 1 A wonderful fable written by Charles!
Picture 1 Super killer whale research by Charles!
Picture 1 Grace's fantastic life cycle of a spider
Picture 2
Picture 3 A super life cycle of a salmon by George
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 1 Wonderful Writing from Bea
Picture 2 Super Life cycle of a Polar Bear by Bea
Picture 3 Wonderful Maths Louise!
Picture 4 Louise has been writing a diary too!
Picture 5 Fabulous life cycle of a stick insect from Tom P
Picture 6 Tom with one of his own stick insects!
Picture 1 Our student volunteer drew this for Y2!
Picture 1 Seth and Lauren have made a super seesaw!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Gabby has been investigating chemical reactions!
Picture 1 Some lovely Easter crafts by Amanda.
Picture 2 Amanda has also been practicing her Origami skill
Picture 3 Wonderful information about Pandas by Florence

A wonderful Lion poem, written and performed by Freya.

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Picture 1 A lovely Easter egg by Seth!
Picture 2 Seth’s creative, colorful bunny!
Picture 1 Well done Rose practicing your piano!
Picture 2 Fantastic alien description Rose!
Picture 1 Fabulous drawing of a lion by Eddie
Picture 2 Amazing animal fact writing by Eddie
Picture 3 Beautiful hand puppet by Louise
Picture 4 Great exercising Tom!
Picture 5 Beautiful writing about Hedgehogs. Well done Tom!
Picture 1 A fabulous story by Grace, great work!
Picture 1 Check out Darcey’s brilliant elephant hand puppet!