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Year R (EYFS)

Welcome to our Reception home learning page. 

Happy Easter!

We hope you are all keeping well and busy! Thank you for sending us updates on what you’ve been doing at home, We’ve loved seeing photos of you and hearing about what you’ve been doing. Please keep sending them to Evidence.Me. A guide to how to upload photographs and information is available here:
We also have a new email address so you can keep in contact with us:


We’ve not posted any new literacy and numeracy activities for the next two weeks but we wanted to share some ideas to keep you busy:


Easter Activities

We’ve chosen some of our favourite Easter activities on the ‘Easter’ page below.


Inspired By You

We’ve added a new page, ‘Inspired by You’, with some suggestions for fun activities you can do. Please keep sharing your ideas and we’ll keep adding more to the page.

Phonics and Numeracy

If you would like some more ideas or support for phonics and numeracy, please look at the 'what is EYFS?' on our class page:

Literacy Resources

With so many digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words to remember, why not download the sound and word mats below to help you with your writing?

Maths Resources

You might find it useful to have a numberline for your maths activities so we've attached one below. If you're finding getting your numerals the correct way around tricky, why not download the number rhymes mat.

Staying Safe Online

Other ideas/resources