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Spring Term Two Spellings

In PSCHE, the children have been thinking about mental health. These are our initial thoughts:

Our mental health can be thought of as being on a scale that can move up or down, a bit like a thermometer. Mental health can move anywhere up or down the thermometer, between being healthy or unwell.


We can move along the scale at any time, but there are things we can do to support us to stay in the healthy and coping areas.

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Spring Term Spelling Words

Spring Term Maths Overview

General Election 2019

Y5 spent the afternoon in PSHCE discussing what would matter most / least to them when deciding how to vote. We were so impressed with their thoughtfulness, insightful comments and engagement. 

Tree Planting on Scarcroft Green

Celebrating difference and individuality with our odd socks as part of Anti-Bullying week

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