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Year 3

Our current topic is the Stone Age!

This is our Stone Age camp.  We acted out activities in the camp and then small groups of us wandered around to see what it was like.  The Stone Age people had quite a mixture of tents!

This week Mr Roper's class had a book world cup.  We voted on 32 different books to decide which book would be our new class story.  It was a tight final between How To Train Your Dragon and The Lost Puppy, but Holly Webb's book won!  

One of the most popular lessons during the Stone Age topic is cave art.  Could this be because children are allowed under their tables? 

We started our new topic by trying our hand at some different activities including stone knapping (with soap) and making frames to hang food on!

Our first topic is Dinosaurs!

Some dinosaur skeletons!  Can you tell which dinosaurs the skeletons belong to?

Sticking things to ourselves again!  This time we used post-it notes to label where our bones were.  Then we looked at dinosaur skeletons to see if there were any similarities.

Here we are turning ourselves into timelines!