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***Week 3 maths and English lessons below.  Previous lessons archived at the bottom of the page***


***Harry Potter chapter 8 and link to Harry Potter at Home***


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Hello Year 3 video


Click on the link below and then go to the Year 3 playlist for our first video.

Please use to contact Mr Cole and Mr Roper. 


We are, of course, happy to answer any questions but we would be equally happy just to hear how you are getting on! You could also send us photos of any cool tasks that you have completed (especially any Science from next week's project!).

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Harry Potter at Home


JK Rowling, the Harry Potter author, has this week announced that there will be free activities on her website.  Amongst other things, there is a link to an audio copy of the first book (you won't have to wait for Mr Roper to upload his reading any more!) and a copy of the ebook.  You will need to create an account to access some of the activities.  This is free, but it does ask for a name, so either parents should log in or you should use a made up name - maybe your TT Rockstar name.


As promised, here is Mr Roper reading chapters 7 and 8 of Harry Potter and the Philiosopher’s Stone.  Please be aware that this link will take you to an external website called Soundcloud where the audio file is hosted.  Most recent readings will magically appear at the top of the list. 

Daily Maths
White Rose Maths - Video Tutorials, Worksheets and Answers
*** Week 3 maths lessons***
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Daily English


***New Week 2 English Lessons***

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This is a free database of books to read online.  Being free, some of the books are more old fashioned, but there are some interesting reads.  Please be aware that there are books for ages from 3 to 13, so some of the content may not be appropriate for younger children.  There are also books written in different languages.
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