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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our current topic is British Isles

Our Place in the World

We have been getting stuck into our new topic by exploring how our world is represented by different maps, atlases and globes. We have enjoyed creating our own 'My place in the World' flipbook to better understand the comparative size of our city, county, country, group of islands, continent, and planet.

Knowledge Organiser for Toys

Thank you for visiting our Toy Museum. We have been researching artefacts and writing museum labels to tell you all about them We hope you enjoy discovering more about how toys have changed within living memory.

Mrs Marshall 's Phonics Workshop for Parents

Exploring the History of Gaming

We have exploring how technology had changes so dramatically within living memory. We enjoyed having a go with some of the old games consoles and discussing how the games and the consoles have changed over time.

We have really enjoyed the story of Traction Man. We learnt to retell the story using our own story map and then had a go at writing the story ourselves. We have also been created new outfits for Traction Man and inventing new sidekicks and Christmas presents to give him. We have use some great adjectives to describe these and are beginning to use exciting openers for our sentences.

Chronology - Toys Through Time

We have been learning the different between history 'within living memory' and 'beyond living memory'. We have discovered how to plot this on a timeline in chronological order. After investigating teddy bears, we added the first teddy bear and some examples of bear that were 90 years old, 70 years old, 50 years old and modern bears. We also examine how the materials used to stuff these had changed.

Toys Through Time Visitor

We had a special visitor as part of our Toys Through Time topic. Mrs McDonald's Mum talked to us about toys from her childhood. Lots of us liked the bear that her mum had made from an old sofa best. We were fascinated by the puppets too, especially Muffin the Mule who was made from metal. We were able to make comparisons with toys today and ask question about how things, such as materials, have changed.

Classifying Materials

We hunted around our classroom for objects made from different materials and then sorted them correctly. We discovered that scientists call this classifying.

Knowledge Organiser for Superheroes

Happy Halloween!

We had loads of fun doing spooky activities on our Halloween Monster fun day!

Superheroes Assemble for Superhero Day!

Visiting The Nest

Soap experiment

We planned and conducted an experiment to investigate the effect of soap on germs. We substituted germs for pepper and found that our dirty fingers attracted the germs.

We repeated this with soap on our fingers and the germs dispersed!

This proved that soap stops the germs yes

Designing and making our own masks

Evil Pea on the loose!

This week we returned to our classroom to find a crime scene! Somebody had captured the Superveggies - who could it be?

We made wanted posters and Evil Pea trap to track down the villain.

Welcome to Year 1!

We have had a fantastic start to the year. We discovered more about what our school values meant during CHIRP week.

We are Curious... 

We were curious about our new learning environment. We did a treasure hunt to find out more about what we can do in our areas of provision. We had a visit from Purple Pig Farm and York Birds of Prey including a flying display to round off our first day.

We are Healthy...

We learnt about how to keep healthy in our first PE lesson with Mrs Hannah.

We are Individual...

We discussed what makes us special and unique. We will continue to celebrate our differences and our individuality, including through Home Pride.

Inspired by Picasso we drew self portraits.

We are Responsible...

We learned about how we are all responsible for keeping our school a respectful, safe place and always being ready to learn. Our teachers are really proud of how we have been responsibly moving around school and looking after our classroom.


We are Positive...

We are becoming resilient learners. We had our first Learning for Life lesson and created positivity stars based around the story 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. We were inspired by how the boy didn't give up and we hope to do the same.