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Y4 Zoom Meeting Info

This week we are going to have a 'Circle Time' Zoom Meeting but in little boxes rather than a circle! We'd like you to watch the video below about colours and feelings before the meeting. There is a bonus quiz at the end of the video but there is no need to watch this/complete it if you don't want to. We will be doing a short colour scavenger hunt (if you know you will be in school for your meeting then you could gather items with the colours from the video first) and then thinking about occasions during lockdown when we've felt the feelings in the video. We will also be doing a show and tell so if you have something that you would like to show then please make sure you have this ready.


Mrs Pagan's meeting will be on Tuesday at 11.00

Ms Tompkin's meeting will be on Wednesday at 10.30


We look forward to seeing you there.

Mrs Pagan & Ms Tompkin