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Monday 4th May resources

Monday 4th May 2020

Welcome to the new week of your home school learning. smiley We hope you're looking forward to celebrating VE day at home next Friday - this is a special bank holiday to celebrate 75 years since victory in Europe. Perfect for a History focus! yes

Remember we recommend one Maths and one Phonics session a day. Your writing work will be included in the weekly topic newsletter. We also recommend that you read once a day, particularly reading together and sharing books with your whole family.

DfE approved daily phonics lessons

Daily Phonics

Note to parents: In addition to the DfE approved phonics lessons, we will be uploading our usual phonics activities and recommendations as well as encouraging you to access the daily lesson listed above. Remember we only encourage the children to do one phonics activity per day so please choose whichever activity suits your child best. Thank you!

Hi Year ones! This week we thought we would continue working through our alternative spellings, so following 'ee' last week, this week will be working on 'igh'.

How many different alternative spellings of 'igh' can you think of? Can you choose the right 'igh' to spell these words?

Which 'igh'?


Alternative 'igh'

Monday 4th May Maths

This week the focus for our maths will be an introduction to division by sharing.

For example you could use fruit, counters, buttons, pebbles, lego bricks, sweets etc.

Option Extras - English Hamilton Trust Planning
Optional Extras - Maths Hamilton Trust Lessons