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Topic wk beg 18th May

Pompeii Diary

Below, Mr Cole has recorded a reading of Escape From Pompeii – have a look at the videos above if you haven’t heard the story yet or if you would like a reminder.

If you would like to see the book in full, there is also a telling on YouTube here:

Escape From Pompeii - Christina Balit

Read aloud book, Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit, read by Paul Wirth

This week, we would like you to write a diary as if you escaped Pompeii like Tranio and Livia did. Plan the diary with a comic strip first. You could use the template below:

Break your day into sections. For each section, draw a picture of what is happening.


  1. Where were you at the start of the day? Think about something a Roman child might be doing.
  2. What clues did you see to know that Vesuvius was going to erupt soon? Remember that the people of Pompeii possibly didn’t even know that Vesuvius was a volcano or at least didn’t believe that it would erupt.
  3. Describe what you saw when the volcano erupted.
  4. How did you escape from the city? Was there anyone else with you?
  5. Looking back at Pompeii and Vesuvius as you left, how did you feel?


Click the splat below for a video of the eruption and a task to do.

When you write, try to use interesting sentence openers like these:

Here are some tips for what to include in your diary: