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What is My New School Like?

We are really lucky to have three large rooms and an outdoor area for 60 children. This also means that if you have a friend in the other class you still have lots of opportunity to play with them throughout the day. We spend most of the day choosing our own activities and learning through play. We have a huge range of areas to play in, including sand, water, construction, painting, making, playdough, building, reading, drawing, discovery, role play, music and climbing.

What will I be learning?

We do most of our learning through play but when it comes to learning to read and write we have a short daily adult-led session called ‘phonics’. For more information on what we’ll be learning, please visit:


We will share your learning with your parents using an app called Evidence.Me. Your parents will receive a paper permission form to complete for this. Once your parents have provided us with an email address, we will contact your parents with your log on details.


The most important questions:

What about lunchtime?

We eat lunch in the dining hall with our friends. Our midday supervisors help us to cut our food but it’s really helpful if we’ve learnt to use a knife and fork. After our lunch we go and play with our friends on the small playground.

We currently get a free school meal in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Your parents will order for you using Parent Pay. For more information please see:

We will give you a coloured wrist band so you get the correct dinner. There are lots of choices:

  • Hot dinner with meat or fish (red band)

  • Vegetarian (green band)

  • Jacket Potato (yellow band)

  • Or you can bring your own packed lunch.



Reception toilets are located through the dining hall: boys in the green corridor and girls in the yellow corridor. Don’t worry - we’ll be showing you and encouraging you to go several times a day until you are confident to go independently.