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Skills Builder website


This is a super website full of short activities (most in the form of a video) that focus on personal life skills such as being positive, communicating with people and problem solving.  Although the resource is designed to be used in a class, it can easily be used at home as well.  There are various levels of challenge and the expectation is that your child would talk through the activity with someone.

Positives during lockdown


During these difficult times, it can be helpful to focus on the positives.  This resources asks you to think about what good things have come from the lockdown.

The people at have created this lovely gratitude designed to help focus on the positive things during lockdown.



There has been some talk about people finding it hard to sleep during lockdown.  Sleep is really important to our health and wellbeing so here is a Powerpoint and some posters to go with it that will give you some hints and tips about good sleep.

Changes booklet


Some of you may have started to think about changes coming up.  Maybe it is how different school will be when you come back, maybe you have started to think about new year groups, perhaps you are feeling a little unsettled because you do not really know what is going to happen next.  The booklet below will help you to reflect about now and the future. It will let you explore your thoughts and feelings around change.  It was produced by an educational team in Leicester.

This is a simple book about coronavirus to help younger children understand it.  Parents, please take a look first before you share it with children to make sure you are happy with the content.  It is presented in multiple languages.

The power of kindness calendar


This is a nice, positive activity - to record the acts of kindness you carry out every day.

Wellbeing Top Ten Tip Poster

7 activities for 7 days

NSPCC Calm Zone


With a lot going on in the world at the moment and unusual days working from home, it is a good idea to stop occasionally and do some calm activities.  The link below has many good ideas for just these kinds of activities.

Parents Area


Below are listed some websites that are designed to help support parents and carers with the well being of children during this time.