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Spring Term: Weeks 1 & 2

Welcome to our Reception home learning page. This is the place to come for all resources and ideas. 

As very young children learn best through play, any activities and games you do together at home will support your child’s learning in some way. Role play, baking, craft, reading, board games and construction activities together would all be beneficial. We’d love to hear about any projects you are working on at home. Please upload photos and information to your Evidence.Me profile for us to see.

A guide to how to upload photographs and information is available here:


**New** If you would like some more ideas or support, please look at the 'what is EYFS?' on our class page:

**New** We have a new email address so you can keep in contact with us:



To continue to support your child’s academic skills, we recommend reading, a phonics activity and a writing or maths activity each day. There are some suggestions below to help you focus.



For each phonics session, we recommend watching Mr Thorne Does Phonics Flashcards on YouTube and then playing a game on Phonics Play or Phonics Bloom for the sound of the day.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics Flashcards:

Phonics Play:

Phonics Bloom:


Sound of the day:

Day 1: or

Day 2: oi

Day 3: ow

Day 4: oo

Day 5: oa

Day 6: ee

Day 7: igh

Day 8: ai

Day 9: ng

Day 10: th


If you would prefer something to download, please work your way through this booklet.


Ideas for projects you could do at home:

1. Choose an animal that lays eggs and tell us about it… why not draw a picture, research facts with an adult on the internet and in books, make a model of it using empty boxes from your recycling.

2. Ask your family to tell you about when they were at school. How has it changed? Why not draw a picture of when you were a baby and write a sentence about how you’ve changed.

We have sent home exercise books and pencils for your child to use at home. We would love to see anything they’ve done but we don’t expect the books to be full!


**New** Literacy Resources

With so many digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words to remember, why not download the sound and word mats below to help you with your writing?


Please see the attached pdf with lots of practical ideas for developing maths skills.

**New** Maths Resources

You might find it useful to have a numberline for your maths activities so we've attached one below. If you're finding getting your numerals the correct way around tricky, why not download the number rhymes mat.