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Week beginning 23/03/20 - 03/04/20

Mission 1

Agents. Your mission is to invent a spy gadget out of an everyday toy or item such as sunglasses. This mission should be completed in 2 weeks time before it self destructs in the Easter holidays.


Design Criteria

  • Must be an everyday object or toy
  • Must have 3 functions that would help spying
  • You must think about how you would hide the functions
  • Think about how your functions would be operated
  • Safety Features
  • Be creative and use your imagination



Striker Key Ring

  • explosive light burst that will stun but never kill
  • laser light that cuts through all known metals
  • bug finder to check that you are not being spied upon
  • an amazing listening device



  • Draw out your final design and label it with the design criteria.
  • Create a list of equipment you will need to make your prototype.
  • Write a method outlining how you will make your prototype.
  • Make a prototype of your gadget using things you don't need around the house.
  • Evaluate your design and prototype using these headings:
    • What I did:
    • Was I successful in my mission?:
    • What would I do differently if I did the mission again?:
  • Create an advertising campaign to promote your spy gadget e.g. persuasive posters, a radio advert, a TV advert or a presentation to pitch your gadget to MI6. 


We hope you have fun with this mission. Please keep checking back on the website as we will be updating it regularly.


Directors Pagan and Tompkin