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Week Beginning 22nd June

There are a number of materials for use this week which can be found below.

  • Materials from the Hamilton Trust Website which are being utilised in the classroom with children, but are also to be used at home for those that are 100% home schooling.

  • Phonics planning - this is for use at home.

  • A supplementary topic activity grid to support the learning from the Hamilton Trust activities - these are for all children as this will not be delivered in school.

  • And finally, a reading by Eddie Redmayne, a dinosaur poem and a link to a Science game.


If you have any questions regarding these resources please contact us via email:

Hamilton Trust activities


For parents that have children going to school in person: These materials will be covered in the classroom by their teacher, but give you an idea of the learning that will be taking place.


For parents with children who are learning from home: Please make use of these materials when home learning with your child.



The Phase 4 phonics planning below gives 5 days worth of short sessions, following the format of phonics lessons at school. If your child requires more practice with Phase 3, there are still lots of resources in the "Daily Phonics" area to use.


The Tricky Words for this week are "like" and "so", they cannot be sounded out using phonic sounds. 


Here is a song for the Phase 4 Tricky words that you can watch and learn:

Look out for them when you are reading and practise writing them in lots of different ways (in sand, using paint, in shaving foam, with chalk, water squirted onto paving using a drinks bottle)


Spot them in these sentences:

I like to rest on the beach. 

He is so fast and he wins all the races.

Supplementary topic materials


The topic grid below is for use by all pupils, whether attending school in person currently or not. The activities supplement the Hamilton Trust materials above and relate to the current week's theme.

These are more interactive activities, which in normal circumstances would be provided in the wider classroom setting. Please use this grid as little or as much as you feel able, it is considered a supplementary activity to the material above.

If I Had a Dinosaur, Read By Eddie Redmayne

A little girl dreams of having her very own pet. But what kind of animal would make the best companion? A mouse is too small; a cat is too ordinary; and a fi...

My Dinosaur poem

This is a poem written by Mrs Hannah about her one and only dinosaur. We hope you enjoy learning about dinosaurs this week.