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Monday 18th May resources

Topic Newsletter for Monday 19th May

Maths Monday 18th May

This week the focus for our Maths is 'Position and Direction'.

We encourage lots of practical activities when introducing 'Position and Direction'. 

Describe position

We use the language 'forwards', 'backwards', 'left', 'right', behind, 'in front of', 'on top', 'in between', 'above' and 'below'. Move objects, shape and yourself into the different positions!

Describe turns (direction)

We use the language 'full', 'half', 'quarter' and 'three quarter' to describe turns made by objects, shapes and yourself!

Phonics - Monday 18th May

Hi Year ones! This week's sound family focus will be working on the long 'oo' sound.

How many different alternative spellings of 'oo' can you think of? What does the split digraph spelling look like? Can you choose the right 'oo' to spell these words?

Phonics with Mrs Marshall

Still image for this video
How many different ways of writing the 'oo' sound do you know?
Which 'oo' do we use for each word?
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