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Week Beginning 11th May

Please note: at Scarcroft we teach the children 'cursive' writing. These are letters with 'leading' or 'get ready' lines. The Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Letter Formation.pdf shows you how we form each letter. If you would like to practise letter formation, please have a look at the optional resources on our Fine Motor page:

If you would like some more ideas or support for literacy and numeracy, please look at the 'what is EYFS?' on our class page:


Literacy Resources

With so many digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words to remember, why not download the sound and word mats below to help you with your writing?

Maths Resources

You might find it useful to have a numberline for your maths activities so we've attached one below. If you are finding getting your numerals the correct way around tricky, why not download the number rhymes mat.