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Week 1 Project

Week One - Villainous Story Writing
Dear Year 3s and parents,


Many of you worked really hard to design and villain and collect vocabulary to describe them. For your project this week, we'd like you to write a story about whatever you like that includes an incredible villain.


Before writing, try:

  • Drawing a picture of your villain.
  • Collecting impressive vocabulary to describe the villain.
  • Drawing a comic strip of what you would like to happen.


When writing:

  • Use tier 2* words to describe the villain.
  • Describe the setting too - a thunderstorm might make for some drama.
  • Use good verbs to show what the villain does and adverbs to show how they do it.
  • Start your sentences in different ways.
  • Use prepositions and conjunctions.


We have attached an example of the kind of passage you could write - of course, you can turn it into a whole story if you like. There are also help sheets for the above goals.


In school, the children designed a villain for a Harry Potter-type story - this villain could be from any type of story you like!


*parents - tier 2 is our way of describing words that are impressive for an individual. Of course, this will be different for each child - just help your child to really expand their vocabulary.

Example Writing:

I awoke with a start. The window of my dorm room was open and banging noisily in the wind. I wandered over to shut the window but something caught my eye. All of a sudden, an enormous swarm of bats fluttered madly from the trees at the edge of the forest. A mysterious shadow was scuttling around behind the rustling trees. Drifting from tree to tree, this dark figure came nearer and nearer. They paused at the edge of the forest, looking from side to side, before dashing across the open field towards the school.


As the strange figure got nearer, their face became clearer. Deep, blood, red eyes burned under a shadowy hood. One eye was a pitch black hole while the other was cloudy and white with a jagged, tiger-like scar slashed across it. I was frozen in fear. I couldn't even move a muscle when the figure raised its head and looked directly at me.