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W/C 5.1.21 Week 1


We are starting some more of our virtual PE competitions in school. We are taking part in the  ‘Ultimate Warrior’ inter-school challenge.


Year 1/2


10 x Speed Bounces


10 X Shuttle runs


10 X Step ups


10 X Star Jumps



Speed Bounce – Keeping your feet together, jump sideways over a cone or towel and land on two feet. Jump back to your starting position. This counts as 2.


Shuttle runs - Place 2 objects (eg cones) 5 meters apart. Run back and to touching the objects with one hand. There and back (10m) counts as 2


Step ups - Step up onto a bench or a step so both feet are on the step and step down so both feet are back on the floor. This is one step up.


Star Jumps – The classic. Two feet together hands by your side. jump in the air and open your legs and stretch your arms out into a star position. Jump back to the starting position. That is one star jump.


The ultimate warrior will be the boy and girl who can complete all of the above in the quickest time… the clock keeps running.


To view the competition and enter your results go to:


Good luck! We look forward to seeing your results!