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Virtual Sports Day Results

Thank you so much to everyone for taking part in the Virtual Sports Day.

We had so many of you participate and lots of the challenges.

Below are the results from your efforts - well done!

For completing all 12 challenges:


Ruby Fowler

Riley McCabe

Sam Staples

Tallis Johnson

Jonno Hall McKenzie

Esther Kay

Kelsey Jacobs

Dexter Pagan

Julia Taylor-Guino

Alex Taylor-Guino

Maddie Smith

Eilidh Greaves

Penny Greaves

Most active Year group:


Year 4

Most active House:


Greta Thunberg

House Points totals from Sports Day

Ben Smith 805 House Points


Greta Thunberg 770 House Points


Jesse Owens 585 House Points


Rosa Parks 330 House Points

And therefore the winning House is...


Ben Smith



If you sent an entry (videos or photos) and haven't had your certificate yet please contact: