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Viking Project

Our second session with the Jorvik Vikings involved us learning more about different Viking sagas. We learnt about some sagas that had an element of truth to them which were about real Vikings who discovered new lands. We also learnt about sagas involving the gods that the Vikings believed in such as the saga of Thor and the fishing trip! We acted these out in our classes. We also designed some place names using runes which we are going to make into real signs next week.

During our first session with the Jorvik Vikings, we found out about who the Vikings were and why they came to England and York. We also learnt about how they built their houses and how they lived. We then had an archaeology session where we used lots of different techniques to examine historical evidence. We also learnt about Viking skalds and how they loved storytelling. We learnt about Egill Skalagrimsson and some of the sagas that he told. We will be looking at his sagas more closesly in our Viking topic later this year.