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Topic Task 2 Short Thinking Task

The end of the Viking Age is traditionally marked, in England, by the failed invasion attempted of the Norwegian King, Harald III (Harald Hardrada), who was defeated by Saxon King Harold Godwinson in 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Stamford Bridge is town 18 miles outside of York on the way to Bridlington and the seaside!


The Vikings were not conquered. They actually just changed with the times. The raids slowed and stopped because it was no longer profitable or desirable to raid. As the raids grew fewer and fewer, to the rest of Europe they became, not Vikings, but Danes and Swedes and Norwegians and Icelanders and Greenlanders and Faroese and so on.


As our Viking Topic comes to an end this week, we would like you to look at the Knowledge Organiser below and think about what you have enjoyed and what knowledge you have gained. 

Viking Knowledge Organiser

Below are two website links if you want to find out more about the end of the Vikings and or the Battle of Stamford Bridge.