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This week’s topic work is all about different animals that live in rainforests.  Hopefully last week you learned that there are two kinds of rainforest: tropical and temperate.  This means that we even have rainforests here in the UK - temperate ones.

Task 1


Click on the star below to see some rainforest animals.  Can you identify them?  Answers will appear later in the week!

Task 2


Last week you discovered that there were four layers in a rainforest.  From the bottom: the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.


Now find examples of three animals that live in each layer.  Can you say a little bit about why they live in these layers?  Animals evolve so that they can survive and thrive in the habitat they live in.  The way an animal changes to live in certain conditions is called adaptation.



Task 3


The sheet below lists some rainforest animals that are sadly endangered.  This means that their population is reducing dramatically and the animals may soon become extinct.  Can you find out a bit about each one and write it down?

Task 4


The link below is a group of different things living in rainforests.  Can you sort them into different groups depending on your own criteria?  For example, you could sort them into plants and animals or different kinds of living things or what lives in each layer of the rainforest.  Print them if you can or you could write the names in different groups.  What different ways can you find to sort them?

If you want to do more, you could find out some more about your favourite rainforest animal or see how many different ones you can discover.  There are many!


Don't forget to keep listening to/reading The Explorer.  The link is below:

Here are some rainforest websites and general animal websites: