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Our new topic is rainforests!


For this week, we would like to find out what rainforests are and the names of some around the world.


The following slide show introduces the Amazon rainforest:


Click here


Throughout the topic, Mr Roper will be reading the book The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, which is based in the Amazon rainforest.  You can find it here:


The Explorer


Task 1


Below is a picture of a blank rainforest.  Can you find out what the different layers of a rainforest are called and write a couple of sentences to describe what each layer is like.

Rainforest Layers

Here are some links with the answers:


Some of the links identify animals that live in different layers, but we will look at that next week.

Task 2


Can you find out some more information about rainforests?


Answer these questions:


Can you name the two types of rainforest?


Name some different rainforests around the world and say where they are.


Where are nearest rainforests to us here in England?


Here are some more web links to help:



Task 3


Explore rainforests!


Below is a Google Earth link to probably the most famous rainforest.  This certainly made me realise just how vast it is!

This is a link to an episode of Planet Earth II which is all about rainforests and jungles.  While they are not technically the same thing, you often end up with a jungle if the top layer of a rainforest is not there for any reason.  So this program will show you many of the characteristics and creatures of a rainforest.