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Rainforest Foods


Did you know that quite a few foods that we see every day originate in tropical rainforests? This week, your topic task is going to be to learn about these products. We're also going to add some recipes involving them to the page - feel free to give them a go and send photos to


To start with, have a look at the images below.

  • Which ones have you tried?
  • Which do you think are grown in the rainforest?

Next up, we'd like you to do some map work. Look at the products above that you think are from the rainforest. Use the internet to find a country they are grown in and label it on the blank map below. You could print the map or use something on your device to draw on it.


As a challenge, you could look for other products that come from tropical rainforests too.

This is how I have started my map - I need to add lots more rainforest products.

We have to be careful while shopping for rainforest products. The people who grow them aren't often paid very well and some companies cut down lots of rainforest to get the space to grow things. Look out for these labels when shopping:

Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance help to make sure farmers are paid more and less rainforest is cut down. Some people think we need to try even harder to protect the rainforest than these groups do.


Challenge: Find out more about Fairtrade and about deforestation