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Rainforest habitat box


This week we have a creative task for you to make a rainforest habitat in a box like some of these examples below:

Here are some picture instructions to show how to put together a habitat box taken from this website:

Use everything you have learned from the rainforest topic to make your box:

  • Show each of the layers
  • Label them
  • Draw or use photographs of rainforest animals
  • Put your animals in the right layer
  • For an added challenge - can you make a particular rainforest like the Amazon, the Congo or Daintree which have only animals that you would find in those locations?
This is a lovely website that has further rainforest boxes and some resources that you can download and print:

If you enjoy this activity, why not make another box for a completely different habitat?  Then you could compare and contrast the difference between the habitat and the animals.

What is it that makes animals specifically adapted to each environment?


Step 15 of the First Palette website below has examples of other habitats that you could research and make including the ocean and polar regions.