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Next week we are going to get you to mark different rainforests on a map of the world and to choose a rainforest animal and write a short report about it.


More detailed instructions to follow.

Rainforest Animal Report

First, have a read of the links below. If you've got any books about animals at home, they will be really useful too!

Next, choose an animal (like a tiger) or a group of animals (rainforest big cats) to research. Find as many facts about your topic as you can. Itr might help to think about different themes to organise your facts into:

  • Where does it live? (habitat)
  • What does it eat? (diet)
  • What does it look like? (appearance)
  • Your own idea.

This powerpoint gives you an idea for how to take notes in a way that makes it easier to write paragraphs later (I didn't write it to be about guinea pigs, honest!).

If you've done a spidergram, like above, you should have facts organised into (kind of) paragraphs. Have a read of this text about sharks to see how they have organised their facts into paragraphs.

Writing time!

Write a report about your animal or group of animals. try to include:

  • An introduction at the start.
  • Interesting facts.
  • Enough detail to really show off what you know.
  • Scientific words.
  • A main title and subtitles for your paragraphs.
  • Pictures



If you would like your report to look really fancy, do it on large paper or across two pages in your book and add things like:

  • More pictures! Lots of colour and detail would look great.
  • Diagrams - these are pictures with labels like the tiger below.
  • A glossary with meanings of tricky words.
  • Fact boxes to show off the most interesting fact like the one about tigers' jumping ability below.


Map Work


Download the map below (or draw your own one) and then use the links to label it with the continents and oceans of the world.

Continents: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, 
Africa, Antarctica and Australia (you may find this called Oceania in some references)

Oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern

Now colour in the next map (or the one you have already made) to show where the different climate zones are in the world.

These are: cold, temperate (where we live), warm and tropical.  The answers are on the link below the map.

Finally, use a world map with the names of countries to find and mark on your map where these rainforests are:

Brazil, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Gabon, Malaysia.


What do you notice about the location of these rainforests?  What kind of rainforest are they?  Add any more locations you can find for these kinds of rainforests.