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Task 1: Identifying Trees
Below is a leaf identification sheet made by the Woodland Trust. You can use it to help you identify trees in your local area. Their website has lots of lovely wildlife identification ideas and resources.

Task 2: ART - Sketch a Leaf

This week we would like you to sketch a leaf. Go into your garden and choose a leaf that you like. Watch the Youtube video below to give you some ideas.


Click the link below.  

How to Draw a Leaf - Easy Step By Step






Remember these tips to help you produce a good sketch:


  • Make your sketch larger than the leaf really is - try to fill your page.

  • Sketch with small, light strokes of the pencil - don’t press too hard before you are sure you are happy with the look of your leaf.

  • Sketch out the basic shapes and outlines before adding any details.

  • Look closely at the details on your leaf.

  • Don’t forget about shading.


Send us a picture of your finished sketch! Have fun!

Task 3: This reading comprehension will explain the life cycle of a plant and improve your reading skills at the same time!