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This week's historical evidence task

Last week we asked you to try to identify different artefacts from Pompeii using your historical enquiry skills.  This week we will be looking at buildings.


Below are a set of pictures taken of buildings excavated in Pompeii.  Try to answer these questions about them:


What were the buildings?

What were they used for?

What do the buildings tell you about life in Pompeii?

If you cannot guess what the buildings are, what can you learn from the pictures?


The answers will be uploaded later in the week.



This would have been a very grand building.

Is it tea time?

These buildings aren't just used for the same purpose we use them for today. They were very important meeting places in Roman times.

This is an aerial view of the most important part of Pompeii (or any Roman city). It is made of different buildings - can you name any of them? Can you find out what any of them were used for?

This is a disputed, but fascinating location. Each of those stones sticking out of the wall have holes through them. Might they have been used to tie something to? If they were, what might have been where the grass below is now?