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The Explorer by Katherine Rundell ***NEW***

This is a fantastic book about a group of children who find themselves lost in the Amazon rainforest and must find a way to survive.  It is full of wonderful description and interesting twists and turns.

Chapter 25 Max

Chapter 24 Stuck in the Mud

Chapter 23 Explorer School

Chapter 22 The Vow

Chapter 21 Fishing in the Dark

Chapter 20 Twice Fried Oiseau Spectacle

Please be aware, there is another example of mildly bad language in this chapter.
I have also omitted a section at the end of the chapter that I felt may be inappropriate.

Chapter 19 Tarantulas

Chapter 18 The Trap

Chapter 17 The Explorer

Chapter 16 The Ruined City

Chapter 15 At the Top of the Cliff

Chapter 14 On the River

Chapter 13 Smoke

Chapter 12 Con

Chapter 11 The Monkeys and the Bees

Chapter 10 Abacaxi

Chapter 9 Sardines

Chapter 8 Maiden Voyage

Chapter 7 The Raft

Chapter 6 Fire

Chapter 5 Food (almost)

Chapter 4 The River

Please be aware there is one example of mildly bad language in this chapter. Why do you think the author chooses to use this in the book?

Chapter 3 The Den

Chapter 2 The Green Dark

Chapter 1 Flight Version 1

Chapter 1 Flight Version 2 MQ

Chapter 1 Flight Version 3 WAV

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