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Task 2 Viking Runes

The Vikings wrote on stones and sticks. Their system of writing was called Runes. Runic writing has been found on everything from giant stones to tiny pieces of horn, seal tucks, metal jewellery, and weapons.


Runestones were large stones carved with pictures and writing in runes. These stones were placed so that people could admire them and learn about the bravery of a person who had died. Household items like a wooden comb had the owner's name written on it in rune. Each rune, or letter in the Viking alphabet, was made up of a series of straight lines, because they were carved on objects. It took time to carve each rune, or letter, so not much was written down.



Write a message in Viking Runes


You could... 

  • Use the worksheet below 
  • Make up you own
  • Try writing a Kenning 

It is up to you. Use your imagination!

Remember our Viking visitors. We did lots of work on Kennings and Runes. Your rune street name signs went on display at the York Viking Festival. 


Resources you might need to complete the task:


TED Ed Video Viking Runes

Worksheet Viking Rune Messages

Kenning PowerPoint - Telling you what a Kenning is and how to write one.