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Summer Term: Week 1


Lots of zoos are streaming their webcams live so you can see what their animals are doing right now. Spend some time watching them and then choose your favourite.

These websites are intended to be viewed together as a family.  Remember your child should not be left on the internet unsupervised. If you would like support on keeping your child safe online please see:  and   


Here are a few:

Edinburgh Zoo

Choose from: penguin, panda, koala and tiger


Folly Farm:

Choose from: barn cam (sheep and goats), giraffe, lion and penguin


Cumbria Wildlife Trust:

Choose from: Osprey, Badger, Garden Birds, Seal and Red Squirrel


A little further afield:

San Diego Zoo:, shows African animals in their natural habitat: 


When you’ve chosen your favourite, do some research.


Draw a picture of your favourite and write some facts in your pink book.


Could you look on a map and see where your animal lives in the wild? Is it the same as the country you live in or is it different? How? Would you like to live there? Why?


Why not make your animal using Lego or junk modelling?


This week we would like you to focus on learning about ‘time’. Please choose some activities from the list below. Don’t forget to upload some pictures of what you have been doing to ‘Evidence Me’ or email us at: to show us what you have been doing. Have fun!  
  • Cut out 4 squares of paper. Draw a picture on each square of something you do each day such as brushing your teeth, eating tea, going for a walk, listening to a story. Can you put the pictures in order from the start of your day to the end of your day? Use the words first, next, then and last to describe your day.

  • Minute Challenge! Ask a grown up to set a timer for one minute. Can you say stop when the minute is up? Were you right? Did it seem longer or shorter than you thought? Challenge yourself - How many jumps, hops, funny faces can you pull in a minute?

  • Make a clock. Draw a large circle. Can you add the numbers so it makes a clock face? Try adding the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 in the right place first to help you space the numbers out. Can you make some hands for your clock?

  • Write the numbers 1-12 on small pieces of paper. Can you arrange them into a circle to make a clock face? Use sticks/straws to make hands for your clock (you will need a long one and a short one) Ask your grown up to show you how to make the clock say o’clock times eg 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock. (Explain how the long hand always points to 12 when it is something o’clock and the short hand tells you the hour.) Can you make the clock say 5 o’clock etc?

  • Cut out 7 strips of paper. Write the days of the week on them. Can you find the first day of the week? Stick the strip of paper together to make a loop. Add on the other days of the week in order to make a days of the week paper chain.

  • Read the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story and try to remember what the caterpillar ate each day. Can you draw some pictures to show what the caterpillar ate and put them in time order? Use the words first, next, then and last to describe your pictures.