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Summer 2- Madagascar/ Italy Gallery

We had an amazing time with our visitor from the Woodland Adventure Company. We learnt a lot about how to identify trees and learnt how to make wands from parts of a tree too before doing some experiments with natural materials.

After learning about animals native to Madagascar have adapted to their habitats, we had a creative art session inventing our own rainforest animal- labelling how they have adapted to live in the rainforest.

National School Sports week- We had the opportunity to take part in a sport we have never tried before, this was throwing golf! We had great fun whilst refining our skills of over arm and under arm throwing.

This week (20th June) we have learnt how to read and write numbers to 10 and some farm animals in Malagasy! We were rather excited to learn the other language native to Madagascar, as we also learn French weekly too.

In Geography we had an exciting lesson interpreting a map of Scarcroft Green and plotting all of the living and non-living aspects using agreed symbols. We also plotted the compass directions of North, South, East and West onto our maps too.

We have been looking at the story Greta and the Giants and made placards with sentences to persuade the Giants to stop ruining the forest.

To start our topic we drew an animal native to the country of Madagascar- The Ring Tailed Lemur. Here are some of our amazing pieces.