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Spring 2 - Animals Gallery

During CHIRP week (W.C. 4th April) we did lots of learning about caring for the environment and more specifically how to care for Hedgehogs. We listened to the story of the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith, learnt specific facts about this king of animal and then create our very own Hedgehogs using clay!

We have been busy over the past few weeks on our Design Technology project of making hand puppets. We have designed then, sewn felt together and cut pieces out to add extra details too.

Today (25.3.22) we played a game in our French lesson, we expressed our opinions in french about chosen things and more generalised ideas, including some animals. We have become confident in our french skills saying if we like, dislike, love or really dislike things.

In Science we have been categorising various items based on their characteristics. We learnt about the acronym 'MRS GREN' to understand the processes all living things do.