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September 2019

The year started with our push to be more environmentally friendly. We have used plastic water bottles to create stationery holders for our pens, pencils and rulers. Check out the results of our pleased children!
We have gone 'Place Value' crazy in maths over the first few weeks of term. This has included using concrete materials to determine digits up to ten million; active maths fun in the upper hall and a challenging task to order decimals (which also included some negative numbers!)

We are really enjoying our book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' and the children are eager to find out more about the main characters: Olive and Cliff. What has happened to Sukie? Is she a spy? Is Esther Jenkins as bad as she appears? What does the coded message reveal? 

In our reading sessions, we are also trying to justify the personalities of these characters using the information that the author adds to the detail.


As part of our topic, children have been sharing their facts and artefacts of World War Two with the class. Here is Matthew sharing with us his medals that his family found - one of them has even been signed by Adolf Hitler!

Look at our wonderful work on Evacuees! Which facts do you know about The Blitz and being an evacuee?

Year 6M excited about their evacuees stories being revealed!

Along with their wonderful evacuee work, Year 6 used drama to create some performance poetry in helping understanding the feelings, emotions and movements made by evacuee children during the Second World War. The children certainly excelled in their acting - a hint towards some successful performers in the future!

Tuesday afternoons are our Art and PE sessions.

Here is a slideshow of our class using 'perspective' in drawing (and colouring) fighter planes.

Haneen, Annie, Skylar, Matthew and Will M promoting and sharing out kindness with positive messages around school. Great work everybody!

Our annual school elections. During their democracy lesson, the children made some powerful messages within their individual speeches on how they can make a difference to Scarcroft. Congratulations to our enthusiastic finalists who are pictured below. Holly and Isaac were the class representaitives who were voted in!

On Monday 30th September, we learned about the importance of morse codes to intercept messages from around the world during World War Two. We produced an electrical circuit while using the light to produce our very own 'dots' and 'dashes' message!