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Updated for National Lockdown January 2021

Science Project Page


Why not try some kitchen science while you're at home? All of the activities below can be carried out with resources typically found at home. 


To turn them into more of a project:

  • Write in your homework book about what you did. What happened? What did you see/hear/smell?
  • Draw a picture of the experiment.
  • Take photos of your experiment and stick them into your book.
  • Read the files on Science Bob and look for the 'To make it a true experiment' section - you could carry out a scientific investigation at home.

More #ScienceFromHome

The website Explorify, which some teachers have used in school, has been sharing weekly Science from home ideas. Each week has a theme and activity ideas for different ages in primary school.

These rather lovely challenges also came from Explorify - click to see them larger. More to come when released!

Virtual Experiments


Click on the year group links below to do some virtual experiments online.  Many of these match the kind of science we would do in school.  You could try some of them out at home and see if your real experiment comes up with the same result as the virtual ones!


NB: This program uses Adobe Flash Player to run which you may need to download or enable to make it work.  Please email if you have any problems and we will try to help.

Various organisations have been using #ScienceFromHome to share ideas for how best to do some fun experiments at home. The photos below show some of the ideas so far. Grown-ups, follow the link to Twitter above to see what ideas have been shared recently.


The STEM Centre, based at York University, are organising a day of live Science lessons for Thurs 7th May on YouTube. Follow the link below and subscribe for a reminder when it goes live.


Follow this link to the Royal Institution, who have made some lovely- looking resources aimed at families wanting to do some Science at home.


I like the look of the Colour Quest and the parachutes (there's also one involving making poo that I feel may be popular).


Also from the STEM Centre are some lessons aimed at KS1 and KS2: