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In March 2019, I interviewed children from across the school about their views on our Science learning. I was seriously impressed with some of complex and scientific ideas given by pupils from across all ages groups in our school. There were some genuinely lovely responses that I wanted to share. Here are some of the highlights:


"I know that I have to be safe. At Forest Schools, I check behind me when I chop wood" - Reception.


"Science is making inventions. You have to think about what to do before you do it and see if it works" - Year 1.


"I learned that a magnet needed to have a big surface to attract the most paper clips" - Year 2.


"Science is finding out if something works. You can even learn more than one thing from the same experiment" - Year 3.


"In Science, you get to see things that you don't normally see. And sometimes there's explosions." - Year 4.


"Science investigations are when you are trying to work out the answer to question by using different equipment." - Year 5.


"Yes, I like Science. It's super exciting and I get to learn about interesting things like why Titanic sank." - Year 6.