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Welcome to Scarcroft History Club. We can’t meet in person at the moment but I wanted to give you the opportunity to discover more about different parts of history. I’ll put projects on our website for you to investigate and discover together as a family at home. A new project will appear each month looking at a different aspect of history. This will include links to discover more and some hand-on craft activities. There’s no ‘joining’ - so just choose the topics and projects that interest you.


I’d love to see what you discover and create. Any feedback and any suggestions for future topics would also be gratefully received - please send photos and comments to



Mrs McDonald

December - New Year Traditions

The New Year is celebrated and welcomed all across the world. Different cultures celebrate in different ways and have their own traditions.

Did you know?

In Germany, pigs are exchanged to celebrate New Year's Eve as pigs are believed to be lucky. They are known as ‘Glücksschwein’ which means ‘Lucky Pig’. They don’t give real pigs! They are little pigs made of marzipan. Eating Glücksschwein is thought to bring good luck for the coming year. Why not have a go at making your own Glücksschwein:

Or make pig-shaped cookies:


Do you want to learn more about traditions from around the world? Have a look at:


Do you celebrate New Year? How do you celebrate? In the McDonald House we have a big family meal in the middle of New Year’s day and then go out for a long walk in the afternoon.

November - Guy Fawkes

We all think we know the story of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot but how much do we really know?


Did you know?

  • Guy Fawkes fought for the Catholic Spanish army in the Eighty Years War.

  • He was baptised at St Michael le Belfrey Church in York (next to the Minster).


The BBC Bitesize website has lot of information about this famous York man and a quiz:   


Get Crafty

Why not have a go at making your own fireworks:

Catherine Wheel:

Shooting Star: 

October - Kingdom of Benin

Have you ever heard of the Kingdom of Benin? 

The Kingdom of Benin began in the year 900 in the rainforests of West Africa. The Kingdom grew into a large empire. It became very wealthy and created some amazing pieces of art.


Discover more here:   


The detail on the sculptures from Benin are incredible. Have a look at some of the ones on show at the British Museum:   

You can also discover more about the significance of different animals in Benin art:   


Why not use playdough or air drying clay to sculpt your own? Please email Mrs McDonald at if you would like some clay.


We’d love to see any Benin inspired creations - please email photos to