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Returning to School

This page has resources to prepare for returning to school.  There is a section below with specific resources for parents.   ***NEW*** back to school book below our classroom pictures.

Our classrooms


So it is a little bit less of a surprise when you come back, here is how some of the classrooms look now.  They are still as friendly as ever smiley, they just have a bit more space between everyone. 


If you want to see them a bit more closely, click on each picture.

Back to school after coronavirus book


This is a nice book about returning to school developed by  It is suitable for anyone, but probably aimed more towards younger children.

In It Together book


This is a nice eBook presented by Twinkl about thoughts and feelings when returning to school.  It is aimed at younger children.  It is quite big, so it may take a little longer to download.  If you cannot get it to open on your computer, please send an email to and we will try to upload it in a different format.

Return to school poster


This is a nice returning to school poster with some practical tips on how to prepare.  Apologies that the image is a little blurry.

Return to school booklet


This is a nice booklet produced by an education department in Blackburn that explains some of the changes to schools in general and worries that children may have with simple pictures to help understanding.  As it was not specifically produced for our school, some of the details may be slightly different but the general messages are the same.

Parents and carers


This section has resources and links for parents and carers to look at before sharing them or using them with children.

Young Minds


Although this website page focuses on returning to school after a holiday or for the new year, it also applies to the current situation and has some good ideas, practical tips and advice.