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Our tree

We have chosen a tree in our playground that we will visit every month of the year. We will look to see if and how it has changed. 


In September we noticed that the leaves were starting to change colour and there were some acorns. 


In October more of the leaves were yellow and some had even started to fall off the tree.


Lots of the leaves have fallen off.


Most of the leaves have fallen off.


All the leaves have fallen off. Tiny buds are starting to grow.



The tree still has no leaves. The tiny buds are still closed up tight.


The tiny buds are closed up tight. We think it is because it has been very cold.


The buds are just beginning to open.


All the leaves have come out of their buds. 

Self Portraits

Our topic is 'All about Me'. We have been busy painting self portraits. Can you spot yours?

Jackson Pollock

In EYFS we have been looking at the work of the artist Jackson Pollock. We had lots of fun using autumn colours to create our own splatter paintings in his style.

Little Red Hen

We read the traditional tale 'The Little Red Hen' and were inspired to make our own bread, but unlike in the story, we all helped each other! It was fun mixing the dough and interesting to see how it changed when it was cooked. 

Making bats!

We learnt about bats then used black paper and templates to make some, some of us made them flying upright and others chose to have their bats hanging upside down asleep. They looked suitably spooky as our Halloween craft.

Church visit

We visited St Clement’s Church to find out why churches are special to Christians. We spotted lots of features that we had learnt about before our visit.

Diva lamps

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We listened to the Diwali story and found out how Diwali is celebrated. Using clay we made diva lamps and decorated them. It was tricky to roll and shape the clay.


Positional Language

Our Super Six story this week is Three Little Pigs so we have looked at positional language related to the story. We moved the pigs around a grid, using arrows to direct them. We then described their journey using phrases like 'next to', 'through' and 'beside'. 


We have been learning facts about robins and have enjoyed drawing and making collage pictures of them.

Forest School trees

We used different sizes of sticks that we found at Forest School to make Christmas trees. We had to order the sticks from shortest to longest. 

Bear caves

After reading the book "Can't You Sleep Little Bear?" we made some bear caves, using our own choice of materials.


This week we have been reading the story of 'Elmer'. Elmer is a colourful, patchwork elephant. We drew our own pictures of him.

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

We had a visit from 'Phunky Foods' and they helped us to make rainbow fruit kebabs. We learnt how to hold a knife when chopping fruit. Our kebabs tasted delicious.


Gingerbread Man baking

We have been reading the story of the 'Gingerbread Man'. We made our own gingerbread mixing the ingredients carefully. They tasted delicious.

Unicorns and Dragons

The children have been really interested in unicorns and dragons. They have been drawing lots of pictures and using craft materials to make them.


We have been learning about and making rainbows.

Natural Art

We have been drawing and making portraits. At Forest School we used natural objects to make self-portraits.

World Book Day

On World Book Day we took part in a webinar all about the book 'This Is Me' by George Webster. We listened to the author talking about the book and drew a picture of George as a superhero.


We made and decorated our own shakers using paper cups. They sounded fantastic.

National Science Week

Last week was National Science Week and we enjoyed lots of different science activities. We investigated magnets and predicted what would happen if we put a daffodil in blue water. Some of our ideas were that the flower would turn rainbow colours, die or grow into a big flower. We discovered that our daffodil turned blue/green.


We have been learning about and making castles, thinking about the different shapes we could use to make and decorate them. It really captured our imaginations.

Askham Bryan visit

We visited Askham Bryan Wildlife Park; we enjoyed looking at the animals and finding out more about them.

Purple Pig Farm visit

Farmer Rachel brought some of her animals in for us to meet. We got to stroke the chicks and enjoyed watching the pigs play football. She told us about their diets and how she looks after them.

Coronation Celebration

To celebrate the new King we drew pictures of ourselves as a king or queen. We also made crowns and flags and had a great day, really enjoying our special Coronation lunch. We even made Wilf the Owl an orb and sceptre.


We have been busy designing and making tractors from cardboard boxes. We added a wooden axle and some wheels, plus some features and decorations. We are really proud of them.

Mackenzie Thorpe

We studied the art work of British artist Mackenzie Thorpe, particularly his famous "square sheep" paintings. We were inspired to re-create these as mixed media collages. We used pen and collage materials, we think they look really effective.