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We have been learning all about Autumn. Look at our fantastic Autumn tree pictures.

Our Oak Tree

As part of Forest School we are watching the Oak tree in our playground change throughout the year. This is our tree in September. We noticed the leaves are just starting to change colour.

October 2021

The leaves on the tree are starting to change colour

November 2021

The leaves have nearly all changed colour. They are yellow, orange and brown. Lots of leaves have fallen off our tree.



The leaves have almost all fallen off the tree.



All of the leaves have now fallen off the tree. 


Jackson Pollock

We have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. Using squeezy bottles of paint we created our own paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock.


This week in Literacy our book has been 'Going on a Bear Hunt'.  We have made story maps and used the masks and puppets to retell the story. In topic we then found out about different bears and where in the world they were from. Some of the children then decided to make bears in different ways. 

The Little Red Hen

In Literacy we have been reading the story the Little Red Hen. We learnt a song to help us remember the story. Then we made pictures of the Little Red Hen using our handprints.   

Bread Making 


After reading the story The Little Red Hen we all enjoyed making our own bread rolls. Later that day we tried our bread and we thought it tasted delicious!

St. Clement's Church Visit


We had a wonderful time visiting the local church to learn more about Christian's places of worship after studying them in R.E.


We spotted lots of features and even some things we weren't expecting! We thought of some questions to ask Reverend Bray.


Fruit Kebabs with Phunky Foods

We talked about healthy lifestyle, including healthy foods. We discussed the 5-a-day fruit and vegetable

advice whilst we made Fruity Snowman Kebabs with Lynsey from Phunky Foods. We practised safe cutting

skills and got to enjoy a tasty treat.

Investigating Ice

We discovered that some toys had been trapped in ice and tried to work out how to free them. We had lots of ideas and explored different ways to melt the ice. We also enjoyed playing with it and describing it.