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In class we have been learning all about ourselves. First we made self portraits using natural objects. We spent time choosing the objects carefully thinking about their shape and colour. Next we painted self portraits. We painted our face and then added the details. Have a look at our self portraits below. We have also been thinking about feelings and sharing what makes us feel happy, excited and cross.



Bear Hunt- National Poetry Day 


As a class we listened to 'Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We used sound effects and story maps to help us retell the story. In our Literacy lesson we labelled pictures from the story. In the Areas of Provision we used masks and props to retell the story. In the Construction Area and the Making Area we created our own caves for a bear. The children were worried about how the bear felt on the last page of the story. They were sure he just wanted to be friends. What do you think? 

The Three Little Pigs 


In class we have been reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. First we read the story together and then we used masks to retell it.In the Creative Area we made pig masks using cardboard and we built houses for pigs in the Construction Area. 



Look at the pictures below to see how much we enjoyed Halloween. It was really exciting to come to school in our costumes. In the Water Area we enjoyed mixing potions and spells. We made lots of different Halloween crafts including spiders, skeletons and ghosts. In the Construction Area we built spooky houses and castles using the plans we had drawn.

Autumn Trees


We have been learning all about Autumn. After finding out about the season we created our own Autumn tree pictures using different media and materials.




In class we have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. First we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and then we learnt how Diwali is celebrated. In the Creative Area we made lanterns using paper and decorated them. In our ‘tuff tray’ we made large Rangoli patterns using chalk and made our own Diwali cards. Finally we decorated the Home Corner with lanterns and Rangoli patterns so it was ready for Diwali.

Cold Countries  


We started our Cold Countries topic with a science experiment about ice. The children had to free an animal from a block of ice. They thought of different ways to melt the ice. Some of us used our warm hands, some poured water on the ice and some children placed their pot on the radiator. We all managed to free our animal in the end. We also enjoyed learning about animals from Antarctica and the Arctic. We made our own penguins using paper. 



At school we are really excited about Christmas. We have taken part in so many different Christmas activities


  • Sleighs made from Duplo
  • Helping to decorate our class Christmas trees
  • Snowman pictures
  • Christmas tree paintings on the iPad 
  • Nativity small world 
  • Christmas tree busy fingers game
  • Wrote letters to Father Christmas and posted them in the postbox


The Squirrels Who Squabbled

We read the story of 'The Squirrels Who Squabbled'. The squirrels had an argument over the very last nut. We used this story to inspire our work in the areas of provision, drawing our own squirrels pictures and even making  squirrels from cylinders.


We really enjoyed learning how to ride the balance bikes in the playground. There was a course and we had to ride under and over obstacles. It was really good fun.


Last week we were very excited as our caterpillars arrived in school. We have been looking at them carefully using magnifying glasses and have noticed that they are growing bigger everyday.

Caterpillars Week 2


This week we have watched our caterpillars grow. They are really filling up the pot now. We are excited for them to make their cocoons.  

Caterpillar to Butterfly 


We were all very excited this week as all five of our caterpillars have now changed into Painted Lady Butterflies. We took them out onto the green and released them.  



We have been learning about the  life cycle of a frog. The children enjoyed playing with our class pond and ordering the frog spawn, tadpoles, froglets and frog.  In the areas of provision the children made some fantastic works of art inspired by our topic. They even drew their own life cycles. 

Forest Schools

The children have had a great time during their Forest Schools sessions. This week we continued looking for 'minibeasts' and had a go at making a wand from natural and craft materials. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 


In Literacy we read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used the puppets to retell the story and learnt a song about Goldilocks. In the Creative Area we had a great time making masks and models linked to the story.