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Reading at Home

Reading a book and chatting had a positive impact a year later on children’s ability to…

  • understand words and sentences
  • use a wide range of vocabulary 
  • develop listening comprehension skills.

The amount of books children were exposed to by age 6 was a positive predictor of their reading ability two years later.

Parental involvement in the development of children’s reading skills:  A five-year longitudinal study (2002) Senechal, M. and Lefvre, J

Each week your child will bring home three reading books.

1. The e-book which your child has been working on in their reading practice sessions at school. Please log on to let them show off how they are becoming a fluent and confident reader.

2. A library book. We aim to foster a love of reading early and this book has been chosen by your child on their weekly visit to the library.

3. A paper book. We know some families prefer a paper book so we have matched this paper book to the same level your child is working on in their reading practice sessions.


Please continue to write in their reading record (monkey book). We love to hear your feedback on how they are reading at home.

Year 1 Phonics and Early Reading Parent Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend the workshop. We had a great turn out and some super feedback:

What did you learn about the way we teach phonics and early reading/find useful in today’s session?

  • Learning about the structure of the week with the ebooks so we know what to expect our child to know.
  • I learned the system used to teach the children.
  • It was helpful, informative, especially for us parents that English is not the mother tongue.
  • Thank you for the Collins Ebook it's a really helpful website.
  • I didn’t know all the correct terminology - that was super helpful!
  • The different terminology and the reading structure.
  • Like the focus on enjoying reading - library etc…
  • It was really useful - hopefully I’m fully up to speed now.


If you missed the sessions, you can download the slides here but please feel free to ask your child's teacher if you have any questions or would like more information.

We felt that lots of the questions asked were relevant for all parents, so please find our response to the questions here: