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Our home learning gallery

Freddie and his sister made flapjacks to share!
Freddie wrote a Chicken Licken poem with Dad.
Maddy has created a fantastic fish habitat box!
Maddy is a super big sister reading to Theo.
Eva has been busy drawing rainbows!
Eva working on her habitat box with brother Alex!
Olivia created a yummy Easter basket!
Finlay has written a spider story!
Katherine used buttons to make an array in maths!
Katherine's habitat box looks like a great home!
Zeenah wrote a lovely letter to Bear!
Zeenah's been busy with more beautiful writing!
Orla created a rabbit craft for Easter!
Orla's been learning about dinosaurs. Great idea!
Julia has been painting a dolls house!
Julia and Alex have been using watercolours.
Isla has been a super teacher to her toy pupils!
Isla has written out a delicious cookie recipe!
Megan created some beautiful artwork!
Megan created and launched a rocket!
Arlo enjoyed creating arrays!
Arlo had fun finding alternative 'ee' words.
Look at Louisa's amazing phonics!
Oscar did a storyboard & created an animation!
Sofia has got a new puppy!
Sofia has transformed her bedroom into a library!
Look at Sofia's amazing letter.
Abi and her sister finding out about mini-beasts!
Abi's amazing mini-beast facts and sentences.
Read Louisa's excellent story!
Olivia has used conjunctions. Well done Olivia!
Read Irene's super writing!
Look at Irene's amazing art work.
Read Louisa's super poem about her rabbit Snowy!
Read Arlo's leaflet to find out about mini-beasts.
Read Louisa's fantastic mini-beast writing!
Arlo has made an amazing mini-beast mobile!
Arlo's amazing salt water experiment!
Will the egg float?
Ralph made a brilliant minibeast leaflet!
Look at Ralph's excellent handwriting!
Ralph made a super Dino world for our weekly Zoom!
Look at Arthur's amazing work on fractions!
Jack and his sister are raising tadpoles!
Jack's working hard on his writing & maths
Jack made a cardboard robotic hand!
Read Abi's fantastic poems!
Look at Eve's amazing maths work.
Justin is having fun playing 'Maponimoes'!
Oscar wrote a letter like Emily in Dear Greenpeace
Oscar's been busy with his home learning!
Penny wrote this brilliant cat story!

Oscar made a stop-motion animation!

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Well done Alice, amazing reading!

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Benjamin has created and measured a snake called Titanaboa!

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Isla's Theatre Show!

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Isla has created a theatre and performed a show for you to watch. Enjoy!

Arlo talking about his amazing minibeast leaflet!

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Listen to Irene playing the piano! WOW Well done Irene!

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Zeenah's amazing reading!

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Zeenah is showing us her fantastic fluent reading. Well done!

Katherine reading The Nut Tree poem

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Katherine's brilliant recital of the Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson
from our Hamilton home-learning!

Watch Isla's video and see the amazing activities that she has been doing. Well done Isla!

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Megan has been learning about Dinosaurs and created her own project around it. Well done Megan!
Olivia has been making groups of 2 using sweets!
Read Olivia's amazing version of 'The Quiet Cricket' story. Well done Olivia!

Olivia's fantastic 'oo' words! Well done Olivia!