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Other Learning Resources

Please note that teachers will indicate on year group pages the work that they are expecting to be completed each week.  This page is meant as a guide to other learning resources that are available should you wish to complete some more.

Free White Rose Maths ebooks


You can currently download free White Rose Maths ebooks from the Amazon website.  White Rose is the maths scheme that we follow in school and so these ebooks will largely tie in to what the children learn throughout the year.  It is unclear how long they will be free for, so look at the details carefully before getting them.

Read Theory


This is another great free resource that some of the classes in school already use.  The idea is that the website provides a text for your child to read and then some questions to answer.  The website records the answers and adjusts the level of reading material accordingly.  This focuses on comprehension.  When you log on as a parent, it will expect your child to complete the first activity.  As much as possible, it is best to let your child do this first one independently because it will show a more true level.  The first one is quite hard and too tricky for younger readers, but, if all the questions are answered incorrectly, the exercises are then at a much more suitable level.  Here is an example of an easier text:

Skills Builder website


This is a super website full of short activities (most in the form of a video) that focus on personal life skills such as being positive, communicating with people and problem solving.  Although the resource is designed to be used in a class, it can easily be used at home as well.  There are various levels of challenge and the expectation is that your child would talk through the activity with someone.

Your Dictionary word/writing challenges


The people at have produced a large number of games, challenges and activities on their website which you can find by following the link below.  They are set into American learning grades which is numerically a year behind our system: Kindergarten is equivalent to our Year 1, 1st Grade is equivalent to Year 2, 2nd Grade is equivalent to Year 3 and so on.

Teacher's Pet Home Learning Packs


This is an education company producing more free EYFS, KS1 and KS2 home learning packs.  While we recommend Hamilton Trust and/or Classroom Secrets, these are nice resources too and you might just find something here that you like the look of.  You will need to create a log in, but resources are free, although I found a number of pop-ups encouraging you to upgrade your membership.

Oxford Owl Free eBooks


Pop over to the reading zone to find out about them here.

Word games for families
In the document below are a host of word games that are fun to play as well as being good for developing language skills and memory.
On this website there are loads of pictures like the one above to act as a starter for a piece of writing.  If you scroll below the picture there are loads of ideas for how to use the picture in writing or simply as something to talk about (still using different language so also really useful).

TTS Primary Work Packs


TTS, which is a school resource supplier, have very generously produced three downloadable workbooks for primary schools which are packed with curriculum activities to do.  They have plenty of English and maths activities, but they also have them for science, PE, computing, geography, history, art, design & technology, music, languages and well being.


The link below is directly to the download page.  It is a large resource, so it may take a while to download.  There are three separate books for EYFS, KS1 amd KS2 and separate answer booklets too.



Daily sentences


Another good thing to try to do daily is write a sentence.  Below are some resources to help with that.

This activity shows you how to turn a very simple sentence into a more interesting one.

Daily Arithmetic


A really good thing to spend this time doing is consolidating your child's knowledge of arithmetic.  A little and often approach will help solidify these facts which then help most other areas of maths.  Below are some links to resources to help:

Oak National Academy


This is another initiative that has government backing.  It is an online resource of lessons for all year groups.  As with many resources, it has a focus on maths and English which includes some videos and presentations which might be of use.  However, what it offers that other sites are not offering as much is lessons on other subjects, such as science, history and music.  

This link is for access to each year group:

This is a link to the schedule for the current week.  Click on the relevant year group and then the specific day to see what the lessons are about.
Finally, there is more information here:

BBC Bitesize

There is a wealth of resources to support learning at home for all year groups.  

BBC Bitesize Schedule

Little Owls


A website full of free, printable activities for children primarily in Reception classes.  Check out the link to their collection of Spring activities below to get an idea of the resources available.  The link below that is to the main website.

Purple Mash


The Purple Mash website has various resources on it for different subjects.  After you click on the link you will need to register, but it is free to use at the moment.

Cloud Tales

Here is a lovely creative activity for you to have a go at.  Mud Pie Arts have launched 'Cloud Tales' on their website.  Each Monday and Thursday the start of a story will appear on their web site inspired by a cloud that has passed over York that morning.  The idea is for the children to then write, draw or make the end of the story.  As they say on their site: "After all, we may be stuck at home, but we still have our own patch of sky above us."