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October 2019

October displays with more World War Two work! It includes Erika's 'Holocaust' story and Air Raid descriptions. Find them in Mr Mastrelli's classroom and the upper yellow corridor.

Click the link below to view the Year 6 Snooker Photos. Great fun was had by all - we will perfect and aim our cue skills later in the term.
We are so impressed with our children's writing abilities. Here are a selection of work from our holocaust story and map work of the Baedeker Raids in York. Did you know that Coney Street was 'an utter mess' and not a 'single incendiary or explosive fell on Rowntrees' due to the overconfidence of the Germans wanting to 'maintain the sweet production' after the World War? 

Our topic work!

This is me! Check out our 'This is Me' display where children bring in a 'talent' to share or an out of school event they have attended/taken part in. 

Children receiving their Robinwood certificates and photos - they look just a 'little' excited!