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November 2019

Willkommen zurück! (Welcome back!) Starting the term with number counting in German was certainly a different experience for the Year 6 pupils as they walked back into class today.

Here are some examples of our 'Modern Germany' topic writing.

Examples include the following:

  • The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall

  • The Grimm Brothers

  • Crosswords of our Modern Germany understanding.

  • Berlin Wall freedom art work

Remember: if you want to create your own crossword, please visit the following page:



Children in Need: We raised almost £50 in our class to make Mr Mastrelli a very 'spotty' teacher! Well done everyone :)

PE relays and quick warm up games: building up their stamina! November 2019

Long multiplication - take our time and reduce the 'sloppy errors!' A potential chocolate from the Advent calendar if they succeeded in their attempts to be accurate...!

Reading intently our new topic books on Germany, Charles Dickens and the Victorians.

More of our pupils showcasing their experiences/artefacts of modern Germany and twisted fairytales!

In our PSHCE lessons, we are exploring about being unique and how we should be proud of our uniqueness and our personality. Here are the children writing their own (and other people's) qualities. The children then used these qualities to create a border for their 'first day' photo - these can be seen just outside our classroom. I was pleased to see so many children writing and sharing some lovely, positive and thoughtful qualities with each other - what a wonderful bunch of children we have!

Little Red Riding Hood - we are writing a 'twisted' fairytale of the classic story. Here are some of our children performing freeze frames.

Gymnastics team work with Mr Simms!

The order of operations...or BODMAS for short. Maths made fun with Year 6 (just look at those smiley faces!)

Tree planting on the green (29/11/2019)