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Topic wk beg 11th May

Next we are going to take a closer look at a famous Roman city called Pompeii. 

Try some these activities.  Remember to email them to and we will put them on the internet if we have your parents permission.


Task 1


Visit this website for an introduction to Pompeii and what happened there.  If you click the link on the left that says "Text-to-speech", it will read the page out loud.  There are other various features the page has including a video and a way to change the page into a news report style.


Scholastic Escape from Pompeii

Task 2


Explore Pompeii on Google Earth (or another map). 

What physical features can you see (naturally occurring features like rivers or forests)? 

What human features can you see (features made by humans like roads or buildings)? 

Can you find Vesuvius?  


Here is a direct link

Task 3

Click the link below to see artefacts and buildings found at Pompeii.  Can you identify them?  The answers will appear in a link later in the week.  You can also listen to Mr Roper read the book I Survived Pompeii.

Task 4


Find out a little bit about how a volcano works and what is inside one.  This is a great link:

Then make your own lift flap book of a volcano with labels.  Use half a piece of A4 paper and fold it so that it has two flaps.  Draw a volcano on the outside flaps, then draw the inside of the volcano on the inside.  Add some labels to show what some of the parts are.  Here is an example:

Task 5


Finally, why not try making your own erupting volcano.  You will need some adult help for this messy activity!


Here are some links for instructions to make one: