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New Starters 2020



Welcome to Scarcroft Primary School. If you’ve just found out you’ve got a place with us, we’re really excited to welcome you to our school and to find out more about you.

We know starting a new school can be exciting but can also feel a little uncertain so we’ve included lots of information on the next few pages to help you and your family feel a little more prepared.

There is a lot of information so we suggest you start by exploring the ‘what is my new school like?’ page and having a look at what the current Reception children have done so far this year:

If parents want to know more about what you’ll be learning, have a look at: ‘What is EYFS’.

But if you’re more interested in what you need for September, take a look at: ‘Getting Ready for School'

We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

The EYFS Team