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Mrs Wanless/ Mrs de Simone's Class

Hello and welcome to Year 6.

We are looking forward to sharing your wonderful work on this page and keeping everyone updated with all the fun things we are learning about.

Mrs Wanless and Mrs de Simone

Shakespeare Week: The Taming of the Shrew. Written in the late 16th Century, children of the 21st Century unpick the story through drama!

Our book for the first part of the spring term is the fantastic Wild Boy!

Our book for the first half of the spring term is the fantastic Wild Boy! Set in Victorian London, this book will take us on an adventure filled with murder, mystery and intrigue.

The new year and term started with a bang. Freak shows, mysteries and intrigue surround our new topic and book, Wild Boy. We were lucky to have Stuart in from Circus Skills York to help the children try out spinning plates, juggling and much more.

Maths revision of calculating and ordering fractions (with different denominators) using post-it notes and rulers.

This term, our topic is World War II and our class reader is the fabulous 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll.

We linked our writing to our class reader and created a short, descriptive passage based on an air raid.  Our aim was to use new and interesting vocabulary and to include the range of sentences we have been learning about in class.   We also used 'Letters from the Lighthouse' to help us learn about evacuation and the Blitz.  We created our own 'Evacuee Double Page Spread' to present all that we had learned.  Attached to our evacuee writing is a letter home from an evacuee.     

We used a grid to help us create pictures of a plane from WW2.  Our challenge is to now create the plane without the grid!

PE relays and quick warm up games: building up their stamina! November 2019

Gymanstics team work with Mr Simms!

Electricity: Designing, making and using electrical symbols in their electrical circuits.