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How to make... a beautiful butterfly!

Hello everyone!

My caterpillar ate well and has turned into my favourite minibeast - a butterfly!


Would you like to see how I did it and maybe give it a try at home?


You will need:

An empty toilet roll


Felt tips/paint/crayons


Get an empty toilet roll

Draw the outline of a butterfly on it. Make sure your wings don't go right to the bottom of the roll!

Cut it out carefully

Then colour it in! You can make it as colourful as you like, or maybe use glitter or stickers! Have fun with it!

You can wear it on your wrist and fly around with it!

I can't wait to see all your creations!

Miss you all and hopefully see you soon! 

Mrs Taylor heart xxx

How to make... a little colourful caterpillar!

Draw a leaf on some paper or card

Make a couple of holes in it... the caterpillar got hungry!

Then glue your pom poms on the leaf and put some googly eyes on your caterpillar so it can see where it’s going!

Minibeast making!

Mrs Taylor has been making a mini beast with her little boy... Can you guess what it is going to be?

Find out tomorrow what she has been making and see if you can make one too!

She would love to see your creations! heart

Mrs Taylor says hello!

Hello! I’m missing you all so much and hope we see each other very soon! As I can’t be with you to do amazing crafts and fun things I thought I’d share some ideas that you can do at home.....and I would love to see them when you are finished! I’ve been doing some with Casper so I’ve attached some pictures of them for you to see!
Big hugs to you all,

Mrs Taylor heart